About Us

Aryan Travel service is fully fledged management travel agency, owned and headed by a group of experienced individuals with a combined field experience in over a decade in travel industry. We own an energetic and enthusiastic team of professional’s team every individual have years of experience in this ground.

Aryan Travel Service known for impeccable services and well preserved moral values, our well researched and carefully designed tour itineraries have made us a favorite tour operator not only with our clients but also with co tour operators, hotels, resorts, airlines and other associates.
Our aim is to offer personalized itineraries, routes and multi-lingual guides to create the best trips possible. We are committed in our replies to your quires and this has enhanced our reputation by both our clients and our overseas partners.
Aryan Travel service is registered with ministry of information and culture (Afghan Tours) department license number (186/94).

Mission & Vision

Aryan Travel service is the leading travel portal in Kabul; our objective is to be your one-stop shop for travel, leisure and transportation needs. We will enable you to go where you want, when you want and how you want, in the most enjoyable and effective way possible.
Our mission is to create and provide a total travel management package in terms of providing comprehensive and professionally effective services at minimum cost to the customer, using and utilizing the best available resources and technology. Also to nurture a work culture and environment internally and externally, this promotes total commitment and growth.
Thus becoming the largest and the most reliable travel organization & travel consultants in the region setting standards in the industry for professionalism and reliability to the customer, the organization wishes to establish long term relationships not only with corporate clients but also with each and every individual client by providing better and prompt services.
Our vision is to be a sustainable leader in travel industry, Aryan Travel and Services aims to achieve this by producing, offering products and services of top caliber.


You can rely on us for your visits and we rely on experiences.

Aryan Travel Service has been moving ahead surely and steadily creating new opportunities for the traveler and earning a name for itself in the market. Beginning on a modest scale in 2003 from 200 tourists, today its activities encompass the entire spectrum of tourism operations recording around 40% annual growth. The company has been successful in creating a niche for itself in the market, right from the basic planning to execution, professionalized and yet most personalized services, from ticketing to cars & coaches, stay in hotels and receiving and seeing off at the airport.
Aryan Travel Service has created the only truly integrated service net in the region, where the lines between front and back offices have subtly been blurred by database management, and full use is made of information technology. Online access via the web with instant confirmations of reservations and rates for hotel bookings and package tours was introduced, followed by an XML platform allowing selected partners direct access to Aryan Travel Services database which was introduced in mid 2005.
An efficient team of motivated and experienced managers who know their individual terrain extremely well work in harmony towards the same goal are continuously scouting for innovative products and are in daily contact with each other, sharing ideas and information. Training programs are coordinated throughout the network to ensure that quality is maintained at a consistent level everywhere and at all times.